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Three Ways to Elevate Your Life

About two years ago when I began my awakening, through the help of Saturn's Return, ​I began my journey to elevate my life. My personal philosophy is that we all have the power to heal using the tools Mother Nature provides to us. We can very easily and simply elevate our lives when we become aware of 3 key things:

  1. Health

  2. Power

  3. Purpose

Why these three things specifically?

  • Without radiant health of mind, body and spirit we will lack the energy and vibrancy to live a full and bountiful life.

  • If we give our power away to negative situations, relationships or jobs we are the ones that suffer. We are unable to make clear decisions and we are always left pouring from an empty cup.

  • Without meaning our life has no sense of purpose. This is a basic human need, to live a fulfilled life. Don’t we all want to wake up with a sense of purpose, that we are adding value to the world?

So what can we do to Elevate our lives?

We can take the time to focus our energy on each one of these pillars and begin to enhance them day by day.

To experience radiant Health we must begin to challenge our daily habits. Am I drinking 2 litres of pure water per day? Note: tap water doesn’t count! Do I eat enough raw fruits and vegetables? Am I consuming processed foods? What chemicals are in the beauty products I use?

To reclaim our Power we can begin to become aware of all the ways we feel drained. Are your relationships inspiring you or draining you? Where do you feel uplifted? Tap into the situations, people or activities that enrich you, this is where you should be spending most of your time. If your job is draining you, then it may be time to think about a new path.

To discover your Purpose it will flow much easier once you have established a good foundation with your Health and Power in place. Purpose is a slow unravelling, it does not typically unfold immediately before us. It usually starts with an idea, to create. I would recommend making a list of everything you loved at age 10 and then note down where you spend all of your free time now. What do you do? Think about what enriches you? Once you have your list it’s a case of exploring these options until you find the perfect fit.

I hope these three ways will inspire you to Elevate your life.

To learn more about how Saturn's Return changed my life for the better, buy my book Twenty8: The Age of Power.

With love & gratitude,


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