When our self-worth is high we can do, be or achieve anything we want.

Hi, I'm Fabienne. I help individuals to raise their self-worth and elevate their lives. I love seeing people from all walks of life make radical transformations.

So, what does that look like?

Your dream life is unique to you, so you may be...

  • Seeking more self-worth or confidence

  • Searching for the love of your life

  • Making a shift in your career, or,

  • Getting ready to embark on a total life transformation

Whatever your dream, I’m here to help you turn it into reality.

Fabienne Sandoval is an award-winning author and life coach.

Her first book, Twenty8: The Age of Power, was awarded Best Self-Published Spiritual Book of the Year 2019 in the Soul & Spirit Book Awards. Her works have been featured in a number of publications including Kindred Spirit Magazine, Vegan Life Magazine and Mike Dooley's The Universe Talks.
Fabienne teaches the secrets to raising your self-worth and elevating your life with her Elevate coaching programmes. In 2020 Fabienne was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her coaching skills and services by Bark. Bark is a world-leading services marketplace with over 5m customers in 8 countries around the world.
She is the creator of Learning How To Love, a 10-day course which is featured on the Insight Timer platform. 
Fabienne is currently working on her sequel, Thirty: The Age of Love, where she shares her journey on learning how to love.