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Discovering Your Higher Self

What is the higher self?

The Higher Self is an extension of yourself that is part of you and part of the Source—the ultimate higher power, the universal source of cosmic energy.

This energy links us to everyone and everything. We are all interconnected through shared energy.

And as this universal energy — this higher consciousness — is contained within each one of us, we can use the Higher Self to access this universal wisdom and knowledge from within.

When you connect to your higher self, becoming fully aware of your oneness with Source, you:

  • get access to the collective wisdom of the Universe;

  • discover your true power and potential;

  • get clarity on your purpose/mission;

  • operate from a knowing that you create your reality, so the possibilities are endless; begin to feel connected to everything and everyone around you, becoming aware of the divine essence in every living being;

  • start to experience infinite love, bliss, peace, and calm; a stillness and heightened awareness of presence;

  • and so much more.

If you take a moment to think about what your Highest Self would look like, you would realize how strong, courageous and vibrant you could potentially be.

You could really be anything you desire and live beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s a shame to think that there is this magnificent soul within you, just bursting to come out, yet held behind negative perceptions you have of yourself.

Discovering your highest self is about creating a deep awareness of the self and being able to rid ourselves of any and all limiting beliefs in order for us to step into our highest power and live in alignment with our dharma.

To get instant access to our Discovering Your Highest Self workbook click here.

With love & gratitude,


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