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New Year's Intentions & End Times for 2019?

I love the start of a New Year which brings all the hope of new beginnings, an opportunity to review and refresh our outlook upon life, and maybe even offer us a complete change of direction.

I am a structured being. I like plans and lists. I enjoy having a sense of direction. So as the New Year approaches I always spend some time reviewing my year and what I achieved, noting how I grew and what I discovered. I then look towards the future and decide where I want to spend my attention and what I want to grow into.

I believe this is a very positive practice. It serves as a positive reminder of the progress we have made and provides a way for us to consciously decide upon our next steps. I thought I would share this practice with you by offering my 2018 year in review and my plans for 2019.

2018 In Review

In 2018 I was extremely blessed and grateful to experience many positive gifts. All which pushed me forward into a new chapter of my life. By far my favourite experience of them all was publishing my first book, Twenty8: The Age of Power a dream I never knew I had until late 2016. As with most things it started as a tiny seed, which I choose to plant and water daily, after months of hard work I was able to publish my very first book. The first of many, I hope. Through this new beginning a number of other opportunities opened themselves up to me, such as being able to write for some brilliant spiritual publications such as TUT and Kindred Spirit to name a few. The book has since been shortlisted for an award, and the winner will be announced in March 2019.

After finishing my first book I was keen to move forward into a new phase of my life. Now I had discovered my power it only seemed right to complement this with the understanding of love. So I embarked on a challenge I like to call The Age of Love. In preparation for writing my second book I delved deeply in the world of love, keen to understand its meaning and discover how I could share knowledge through my own experiences in this space. It has been an eye opening journey for me, to get to know myself even deeper and to realise that my pre-conditioned societal ideas of love are not what love truly is. I am excited to share these teachings with you in the coming months and hope to have the book out within the next year.

My interest in Eastern Philosophies grew this past year, and I delved deeper into the world of Yoga and Buddhist meditation. After many years of regular Yoga practice I discovered Yin Yoga and fell in love with the softness but obvious depth of the practice. Over the summer I trained in order to be able to share my love of this with others. I also began to uncover Buddhism and its practices which I plan to continue with into 2019. The teachings resonate with me and I feel are helpful in this modern world that we live in, especially if you are seeking a calm and peaceful mind.

2019 Intentions

For 2019 I decided to set my primary focus towards continued study of metaphysics. This will accompany my other intentions for the year which include:

  • Writing my second book, The Age of Love

  • Delving deeper into Astrology

  • Attend a 10 day silent meditation

  • Further Yoga Training in India

  • Continuing to serve and support my community to uplift and expand them to find their purpose

2019 End Times? 

I was intrigued to hear what else would be in store for us in 2019 astrologically and otherwise. I found that 2019 has been reported as a pinnacle year, in fact as the End Times, or judgement day. Despite my research stretching amongst various different metaphysics sites, I was surprised to see that even the Sun News had reported this information.

Author David Montaigne writes about this in his book, End Times and 2019: The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Countdown to Judgment Daywhich was published back in 2013. David tells us:

“The basic premise of End Times and 2019 is that many ancient sources (especially the Bible) gave us detailed warnings about the end of the world in their books, myths, and monuments.  Their clearest clues are astronomical - they describe how the night sky looked in their visions of the end of the world.  With modern astronomical software we can search future dates for a match - when the descriptions of the positions of heavenly bodies in sky will actually occur. Clues from the Egyptians, the Maya, and especially Bible prophets - all lead us to December 2019, when the clearest and most amazing signs of all occur - the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars act out all the major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony between Christ and His bride - US. ”

I plan to read deeper into the subject but I have to admit despite the fact that we are reclaiming our power and expanding collective consciousness, the world has never been in such bad shape.

It really got me thinking, what if the world was really nigh? 

What would you do with your final moments upon Earth?

How would you treat yourself or others?

What might you change or do differently?

If there was ever a more important time to set intentions and live them to the fullest, the time is now. 

With love & gratitude, 

​Fabienne ​

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