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Learning to Ground

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In order to Elevate one’s life first we must create a strong foundation upon which to grow. We do this through first grounding before we can rise up: much like a flower. First we must plant the seed the in soil in order for it to develop into the beautiful flower. Without fertile soil and watering the seed it may never fully grow into its full potential. The same goes for us as humans, with care and attention we can grow into anything we wish to be. Remember just because we don’t see the whole evolution of the flower does not mean it doesn’t exist. So how can we create this strong foundation?

How do we root ourselves, in readiness to rise like the flower?

Of course there are many ways to do so and we have to discover what suits us best. I personally have a range of tools I use to ground myself, using each as required to design the foundation I need at that moment in time. Life has its many twists and turns so it is good to have multiple ways to ground ourselves.

If I was only able to share three of those tools it would have to be:

  1. Meditation,

  2. Journaling, &

  3. Earthing

I personally recommend grounding practices first thing in the morning – as soon as you wake. They are best used consistently. The more we practice the stronger we become in our foundation, the more we begin to step into the life we want because we take charge of our day by becoming responsible for the morning, we then recognise that the entire day is within our control. These practices all attribute to creating a calm and peaceful mind, body and spirit. It is said that each day we should do something to nurture all three of these aspects of ourselves.

Meditation is a key foundational practice as it helps to calm the mind, alleviating stress and anxiety whilst developing self-awareness, emotional health and kindness. I personally find that meditation helps me to stay calm in the face of chaos, and it helps me to check in with my inner spirit. I have a fuller awareness for noticing where the noise is present and meditation has taught me over time how to disperse the noise – all by sitting silently for a few minutes each day. It’s free and easy, once you get into the habit of it. The fact that meditation is your time, just for you means that you are continuously delving deeper within, even just 5 minutes a day allows you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and this in turn allows you to develop a greater sense of self awareness. The more self-awareness we have the easy it will be for us to make positive changes within our lives. Awareness is the first step to change.

Journaling provides us with freedom of our thoughts. Instead of the brain storing all of the to do lists, worries and dreams, we write it down through journaling and free up space for other ideas or creations to come through. Journaling is also being called Writing Therapy and I can understand why. For me I love to journal as soon as I wake up, I will typically start by recording any dreams I had the night prior, then using the fast and free method I will write down any thoughts in my head – literally anything, even if it's stuff like I need to unload the dishwasher or clean the house or make a phone call. I will spend about 2 pages freeing my mind of any useless clutter, then I will move onto affirmations. I usually have the same affirmations that I write daily which correlate to what I am seeking to improve or manifest in my life. Over time you notice you have less to say in terms of worries or to do lists and then the fun really begins and the artist within starts to emerge. I find myself regularly interrupted by poems or ideas for my upcoming book. Once we free the mind it is able to create!

The balancing effects of Mother Nature are outstanding and Earthing is a very important habit to maintain to keep you connected with the Nature. When was the last time you felt the Earth beneath your feet? ‘Earthing’ is when you are in contact with the Earth’s natural, subtle surface electric energy or Ground Prana. There are a number of incredible benefits that can be realised through this simple method of walking on the Earth barefoot.

The Earthing Institute states:

“Earthing is nothing really new. It’s purely a revival of a timeless practice and a forgotten law of Nature: that we belong to Nature, and part of the very connection with Nature is our connection with Mother Earth.“

My love for Earthing started 3 years ago when I challenged myself to thirty days of nature walks, to uncover if it made any difference to my health or wellbeing. After only a few days I was hooked. I remembered putting my shoes back on and walking home from the park only to experience the truly grounding effects of Mother Nature. The Earth’s prana, received from the ground into my feet, had sent me off with a tingle, a subtle energetic flow that I had not had before walking barefoot through the park. After finishing my challenge I never looked back. I noticed an improved mood, relaxed composure and the reduction of headaches (which I typically had through computer usage) - all through Earthing daily. If, for some reason, I had a day off, I was more irritable than usual and I felt less connected to myself.

What do you think of these activities? Maybe you are already practicing one or two of them and notice the benefits? Maybe you are feeling inspired to start a new daily practice? Wherever you are today is the perfect time to build a new habit!

Let me know in the comments section which practice you are going to try…

With love & gratitude, 


P.S. To learn more techniques that will elevate your life, click here for a free discovery call.

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