Helping women raise

their self-worth and elevate their lives.


Hey, I'm Fabienne

I help women to raise their self-worth and elevate their lives. I love seeing women from all walks of life make radical transformations. When our self-worth is high we can do, be or achieve anything we want.


Are you ready to Elevate your life? 


Whatever your dream,

I’m here to help you to turn it into a reality.

"I received a raise and promotion within a month of my 3 month 1:1’s with Fabienne. I was able to get over my ex-boyfriend and the breakup, realizing he was not the one for me in that moment and time. Furthermore, I was able to cut ties from that ex, as well as previous exes that were still a part of my deeper subconscious thoughts. I was also able to establish non-negotiables for the soulmate I was looking for because I am choosing too, and not just waiting to be chosen. Fabienne is all about love. She has a very gentle approach and when one is working with limited beliefs and healing past wounds, soft is good. However, she was enthusiastically motivated to keep me on track doing the hard work, and provided accountability to give me the push I sometimes needed."

Jenna Doss, U.S.A


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