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Greatest Love Story Yet...

There is no blueprint to how we love despite there being many teachings on the subject. After dedicating an entire year of her life to unraveling love and the teachings regarding love, Fabienne Sandoval has consolidated her findings into a simple 10-day course which will allow you to learn to love again, defining what love means for you and helping you prepare for your greatest love story yet.

Lesson Overview & Recordings

Lesson 1: What Is Love?

In this first session, you will delve into the course by starting with exploring the key question, what is love? So, where to start? We need to look at how love is defined in our society and then start to challenge our ideas and preconceived ideas around love. The aim of this lesson is to come to your own conclusion about what love is to you.

Lesson 2: Opening To Love

Today we begin to open your heart to love. You will begin to discover the ways that you have closed yourself off to love, by going through a gentle Yoga exercise that will create openness in the heart center. You will also be guided on how to discover love throughout all moments of the day.

Lesson 3: Unconscious Patterns & Ancient Contracts

Each of us has unconscious patterns or beliefs regarding relationships. In today's session, we will uncover these patterns through the use of journaling. We will also discover what old contracts or agreements you have been holding onto.

Lesson 4: Healing Wounds Of The Past

In today's session, we will be using the patterns and contracts learned in yesterday's session, to delve into the past and heal our wounds. We will continue on our journey down memory lane to discover where our wounds are raw, open and creating unnecessary suffering. Whether it is childhood trauma, toxic parents or the disappointment of past relationships, healing wounds from the past is a necessary step towards preparing for love.

Lesson 5: Release Ceremony: Letting Go & Forgiving

We have made it half-way through the course and have done the deep digging emotional work. Today, we will celebrate with a release ceremony where we focus on letting go and forgiveness. You'll learn to connect with the deeper part of yourself that you often shy away from.

Lesson 6: Making Space For Love

In today's session, you'll learn how and why we need to create physical space for love. You may believe you have the space in your heart for love, but does your environment tell the same story? Today we will be cleansing and creating space in your life for love to manifest, through the use of Feng Shui techniques.

Lesson 7: Discovering Attachment Styles

In today's session, we will discover your attachment style and help you to understand how to attract a secure and loving partner. Learning about the three main attachment styles and identifying which you resonate with will give you a better understanding of the way you love, and shine new light on how we are all different in relationships. You'll need your journal and pen for today's lesson.

Lesson 8: Learning About Love Languages

Love languages are an important accessory to any relationship. They represent the way we like to give and receive love, and can be narrowed down to five categories. In today's session, you'll discover how you receive love, by taking the love languages assessment and learning how to apply this to your relationships.

Lesson 9: Defining Love

The fun really begins in today's session, as we discover what love is to you and the types of qualities you are seeking in a partner. We will also discover what qualities you need to embody to call in your partner.

Lesson 10: Gratitude & Presence In Love

Without gratitude and presence for love, do we recognize love at all? In today's session, we will close out the course by focusing on practicing gratitude and understanding how presence is key in all relationships.

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