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The Self-Worth

Colorful Diamond

 It’s time to unlock your potential;

are you ready to elevate your self-worth

and, in turn, elevate your life?

Ask yourself...

Do you feel as though you’re not good enough?

Do you feel like you’re unlovable?

Or, like you aren’t getting what you want in life?

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You’re not alone.

They’re common feelings, especially for those who feel the desire for ‘more’.

With low self-worth, you can be more than capable of achieving great things, but you can feel paralysed pursuing these great things because you don’t feel worthy of them.


So, ask yourself, is your low self-worth holding you back from creating the life you so deeply desire?


If so, I’m here to support you on the path towards your dream life.

My self-worth masterclass has arrived – welcome to your journey of self-worth!

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This masterclass is
all about finding
your worth, your voice, your strength, and who you are on the inside.

I want to encourage you to discover who you really are beneath it all. To find your inner worthiness and let that shine. For yourself, for others, and for the world.

This is the class to give you the knowledge, reflections, and tools to face yourself; to know your worth, to see your uniqueness, to honour your strength, to explore your edges, and to put it out there.

The Details

The Self-Worth Masterclass is a 90 minute workshop that is part teaching, part practice, part discussion, part reflection.

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This masterclass covers...

- What self-worth is & what it isn’t

- How is self-worth measured?

- Demystifying self-worth vs self-esteem

- Understanding insecurities with attachment theory

- Stepping into your worth

- Honouring yourself

- Tools to develop your self-worth

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Get FULL, instant, lifetime access with a one-time payment of $45.00.

You can begin and continue your learning whenever you’d like.

With higher self-worth, you really can be and achieve anything you want. My question is, how far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams?

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