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NEW | Discovering Your Values - 52 Card Deck

These values cards were designed and created to help you discover your core values, helping you gain clarity on what is most important to you. 

Encouraging you to live in alignement with what you believe in, with what is most important to you, which enables you to live a more fulfilling life - one filled with purpose and meaning.


The pack contains:

  • Welcome card

  • Instruction card

  • Divider cards

  • Value cards

This exercise will help you discover what your top 5 core values are, from acceptance to wealth, these cards have been handpcked so that anyone, regardless of age, gender identity, or location, will be able to select the core values that resonate with them as a person. It all starts with a simple sorting exercise, identifying what is important at this moment of your life path.

HANDS-ON EXERCISE: These cards will be less daunting than listing your values on a blank page, and are a more engaging way to identify your core values and integrate them into your life.

LONGEVITY: As life inevitably changes and you reach new milestones, these cards are an ideal way to re-center and reconnect with your values. You can see how your values have changed and how new ones have energed during your envolvement through life.

GUIDING: They identify your values and guide you to focus on your important aspects in your life right now!

Your values are completely unique, and act as a compass to move you towards your highest potential.

Knowing what your values are helps you to stay in alignment with what you believe matters most.

With a better understanding of what you value, you are able to make better decisions, create a stronger identity, and live a life that is authentically yours.

These cards are perfect for:

  • Anyone contemplating a big life changes.

  • If you are looking for personal growth or self-reflection tools.

  • Or simply if you want to make meaningful New Year's resolutions.


They can be used either by individuals for personal use, or by Coaches and Psychologists working with clients.

So what are you waiting for let's get started...

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BOOK | Twenty 8: The Age of Power.

At her lowest ebb, shattered by a failed relationship and bullied by a ruthless new manager at her corporate job, Fabienne was searching for a way to regain control of her life, a way to restore her former joy and vitality.


An inner voice told her to begin with her diet - to begin by substituting her cooked and processed meals with an abundance of fresh, raw, living vegetarian produce. The results were almost immediate, but also startling.For she quickly discovered a truth known to all the great sages throughout history: our food modulates our consciousness.


Not only did she experience radiant health, but she began to see the world with an extraordinary new clarity. As she contemplated the restrictive, self-limiting habits and beliefs of those around her, a mysterious stranger appeared, as if sent by the universe to answer her many profound questions. Initiating her into the secrets of healing, manifestation and the conscious direction of subtle energies, the stranger guided her on a journey of complete personal transformation.


In this inspirational true story, the author shares with the reader much of what she has learned, offering the practical keys by which we may all reclaim health, joy and the harmonious alignment of our life-path with the incarnational objectives of the soul.

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