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“But Fabienne, self-worth is just a thought; if I just make sure to always think positive, I can train myself into having higher self-worth.”



Low self-worth is not a thought; it is a belief based on past experiences. It stems from unresolved past experiences and emotions, simply pretending that you have high self-worth will not get you to where you desire to be. Together, we will work on discovering and healing these past experiences and emotions and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that high self-worth can afford you.

I see you wanting to take the plunge, but something is holding you back.

Is it fear of failure, of the unknown?

Is it damaging self-beliefs or toxic mindset practices?


Or, maybe, you know what you want but you just can’t stay committed to the process.

Well, I’m so ready to support you in breaking through these barriers, raising your self worth, and guiding you on the path to your dream life.

And, I've been where you are.

For years I settled in relationships that weren’t serving me. For years I worked myself into the ground at a corporate job where I was underappreciated, and I NEVER felt good enough.

Then, I had a realisation that this all boiled down to just one thing... my self-worth.

I didn’t believe that I deserved more in my relationships, or that I was loveable.

I didn’t feel confident enough to ask for a raise or promotion at work.

For years, these limiting beliefs prevented me from embracing my worthiness and inner peace.

Ultimately, I learned that unless I took a stand for my own worth and truly believed that I deserved more, then I would continue to be undervalued.


My mission is to use my training and life experiences to support you on your transformative journey to higher self-worth.

A client of mine got a 10k pay rise within 3 months of us working together.

Another client fell in love and got married.

Another client wanted to start a yoga retreat, and after our journey together? She did, and sold out on the first go.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself...

"That should be me!"

Yes, it should be you! And it could be.

BNW Workshop_edited.jpg

So what's the


between you

and my past


They made the leap of faith, invested in themselves, and took that first step on the path towards their dream life. The fact that you’re here, reading this tells me you want to too.

​​With my 1:1 transformation coaching programme, we can work together in...

» Healing unresolved traumas or abandonment wounds
» Rewriting damaging beliefs that hold you back
» Helping you break free of your anxious or avoidant attachment style

» Raising your self-worth

» Turning your dreams into a reality

I support people who are wholly committed to investing in themselves and going on the journey to transformation.

This programme is for you if you are willing, committed, and ready to do the work required. I can provide you the tools and guidance that will help you create lasting change, but the commitment to your own journey can only come from you.

Through my one-to-one coaching, I can help you achieve results like...


"I received a raise and promotion within a month of my 3 month 1:1’s with Fabienne. I was able to get over my ex- boyfriend and the breakup, realizing he was not the one for me in that moment and time. Furthermore, I was able to cut ties from that ex, as well as previous exes that were still a part of my deeper subconscious thoughts. I was also able to establish non-negotiables for the soulmate I was looking for because I am choosing too, and not just waiting to be chosen."


"I can honestly say that Fabienne has changed my life. She helped me to see myself differently and develop a more positive view of life. I first encountered Fabienne on Insight Timer when she was doing a talk on a topic of great interest to me. I felt like she was talking just to me and knew me. When I reached out to her, I was surprised at how open she was to working with me. She gave me workbooks, tools, advice and coaching to help me feel better about myself. I had to do the work, but she gave me the structure and the guidance to help me find my way."


"I've been working with Fabienne for a few months now and I don't know whether its the 'Power of 28' or whatever but it has turned out to be the most proactive 3 months of my life with regards to both my business life and love life. Everything I do seems to be with a purpose and I can definitely put that down to what Fabienne has helped me learn... Here's to the next 3 months!"

What's included in the transformation coaching package?

Weekly hour-long coaching sessions

Voxer Support between sessions

Personalised Assignments

Benefits include...

➳ Tailored coaching directed towards your needs!

➳ Weekly one-to-one coaching sessions

➳ Personalised assignments

➳ Recommended resources

➳ Email and telephone support between sessions

The Investment

Private coaching with Fabienne is £555 a month, and can be made in 3, 6, or 12 month commitments.

There is a 10% discount if you pay in full.

Want to apply for one-on-one coaching?

Book a discovery call below!

Can't wait to work with you!

With love and gratitude, 


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