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Group Coaching

I'll let you in on a little secret... yes, there is.

  Hey, I see you. Wondering if there is something more to life than just ‘OK’.

Ask yourself...

Are you tired of that nagging feeling of self-doubt?

Are you stuck spinning plates, feeling pulled in several different directions as you try to please others, even when that means placing their needs above your own?

Do you let the opinions of others define who you are, and how you see and feel about yourself?


Do you feel undeserving of love, more money, or achieving your goals?

Are you demotivated to achieve your dreams because you feel inadequate or unworthy of success?


I have something you might not want to hear...


‘OK’ is not good enough.


It’s so easy to go through life just being OK; learning, growing, and holding yourself accountable to your dreams is a LOT of work, so much so that it can feel daunting – trust me, we’ve all been there.


But what if I told you your ‘OK’ is what’s holding you back? What if I told you it’s what’s preventing you from unlocking your full potential and living a beautiful, full-bodied life?

So, tell me...

Are you ready for a life that has deep meaning?


Are you ready to step into a higher version of yourself?


Are you ready to unlock your self-worth?


Are you ready to live in your truth, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of?


Are you ready to embrace inner peace and accept your worthiness?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then take your foot off the brakes and take ACTION instead.

You cannot grow in your comfort zone, it’s time you break the shackles of inhibition and step into your power.

It’s time we say no to just ‘OK’.

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My coaching and the journey we will go on together is not just the next step on a path to turning your dreams into realities...

» It's the next step on a path which will provide you the tools to create lasting change.


» It's the next step on a path which will elevate your self-worth and give you the confidence and ability to do, be and achieve anything you set your heart to.


» It's the next step on a path which will allow you to explore what you really want and make empowered decisions.

My mission...

... is to empower people from all walks of life in making radical transformations and to help them gain the confidence and belief that they can create a life that has deep meaning, by providing you clarity and accountability.

Stop self-sabotaging with limiting beliefs, old patterns, and behaviours.

No more excuses, no more putting your life on hold, because you are so worthy of inner peace and the life you have always dreamed of.

Together, let’s change those toxic, damaging mindset practices and lifestyle habits that keep you from embracing your higher self.

I’m here to help you fall so completely in love with yourself and your life. I’m here to hold you accountable to your goals, and help you elevate your life.


There’s so much out there for you and I have the tools to help you achieve it - fall in love, get that pay raise, feel more confident and manifest your dreams.


It’s time to take the leap, make that necessary change and invest in yourself.

What's included?

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Weekly Coaching Sessions

Every Monday, 7:00pm UK time

Monthly Instructor Led Classes

Monthly Accountability Coaching

Monthly Live Q&A Session

Monthly Big Visions & Goals Review

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You will receive access to...

➳ Over 4 hours of coaching each month

➳ All classes are recorded, so you can replay at any time

➳ Library of coaching classes

➳ Library of coaching resources & tools

➳ A supportive community who are keen to evolve

➳ VIP Voxer group chat

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Monthly Class Schedule

Month 1: Organisation & Productivity Tools

Month 2: Love & Relationships

Month 3: Discovering your Higher Self

Month 4: Healing the Abandonment Wound

Month 5: The Law of Attraction

Month 6: Health & Herbal Medicine


With higher self-worth, you really can be and achieve anything you want. My question is, how far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams?

Coaching Packages



Yearly Devotion


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