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About the Book

At her lowest ebb, shattered by a failed relationship and bullied by a ruthless new manager at her corporate job, Fabienne was searching for a way to regain control of her life, a way to restore her former joy and vitality. An inner voice told her to begin with her diet - to begin by substituting her cooked and processed meals with an abundance of fresh, raw, living vegetarian produce. The results were almost immediate, but also startling.

For she quickly discovered a truth known to all the great sages throughout history: our food modulates our consciousness. Not only did she experience radiant health, but she began to see the world with an extraordinary new clarity. As she contemplated the restrictive, self-limiting habits and beliefs of those around her, a mysterious stranger appeared, as if sent by the universe to answer her many profound questions. Initiating her into the secrets of healing, manifestation and the conscious direction of subtle energies, the stranger guided her on a journey of complete personal transformation.

In this inspirational true story, the author shares with the reader much of what she has learned, offering the practical keys by which we may all reclaim health, joy and the harmonious alignment of our life-path with the incarnational objectives of the soul.

About the Book

Single and alone on her 30th birthday, Fabienne vows to erase her painful string of heartbreaks and become a student of love.  After discovering the secrets of manifestation, she embarks on a new journey to determine if metaphysics can be exercised where love is concerned, and sets the intention to attract her soulmate by the time she reaches her next birthday.

This pursuit challenges Fabienne to open her heart more than she thought was possible, and reveals the powerful tools required to overcome patterns keeping her from a boundless love, free from the physical constraints of time, space and limited beliefs.

Despite a traumatic past with her father and a history of failed romantic endeavours, Fabienne breaks through barriers and shares her extraordinary experience of learning how to love.

 Join her on her quest as she applies these new insights, offering the reader a heart-warming story and a blueprint to finding your greatest love yet.

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